Miniature Figurine - Dollhouse Figurine





Zadar Bronze Miniatures are created by using the traditional "Lost Wax Process" of casting. Each figurine starts in wax where it is sculpted to perfection. A silicon mold is made of the master and carefully cut open. This mold is then used to produce additional wax patterns just like the master.

casting flameThe wax patterns are mounted in a flask with "investment" powder. When hardened, the flasks are placed in an oven and slowly heated to 1350 degrees to "burn out" the wax patterns. One by one the cavities are then filled with molten bronze in a casting machine. The new bronze figurines are cleaned and prepared for paint.

A white base coat is applied then each figurine is meticulously hand-painted in oils. Click above to see some pictures of the process used at Zadar Studios.

Click here for blog site showing how Zadar Miniatures are made.


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