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Dollhouse Figurine

Are you looking for something unique, unusual, of the very highest quality to add to your dollhouse, or room box projects?  If so be sure to check out the work of bronze miniature artist, Randall Zadar, of Zadar Studios.

This artist creates, sculpts, casts in solid foundry bronze, hand paints, numbers, signs and seals all his figurines which are one inch and under AND all this work is done by the artist himself right here in the USA!  The subject of the figurines encompasses many, many subjects including animals, ladies, flowers, holiday themes and much, much more.

Many of the figurines will work in any scale depending on how you use the figurine, i.e., the same figurine might be used in one inch scale in a china cabinet while in half scale it could be used as a floor piece. So often dollhouse enthusiasts working in half and quarter scale say it is so very hard to find any quality figurines - if this is you, you have just discovered a gold mine!!

New Dollhouse Figurine


"Springtime Stroll"

Get that warm feeling for springtime. This figurine has a mother duck pushing her three chicks in a stroller. This adorable figurine has both a springtime and Easter season look. Incredibly small (only 9/16th inch tall) and incredibly detailed. Five flowers line her path as she takes her chicks for a miniature Springtime Stroll.

Details: Cast in Foundry Bronze. Hand-painted in oils. Limited Edition of 75 signed and numbered pieces. Height: 9/16", Issue price: $75.00.

Miniature Figurine 
Springtime Stroll   
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Dollhouse Figurine Set

These new miniature figurines display perfect in a 1/12th scale dollhouse setting. The picture below shows the back view of the figurines. Notice how you can see inside the dollhouse. These pieces are numbered and if you collect the set now, you can usually get the matching serial number for your dollhouse collection. Check with your dealer.

 Dollhouse Figurines 


Dollhouse Figurines 



New Dollhouse Figurine

"Cat House"

This fun miniature figurine features a tiny dollhouse. A cat has taken interest in the house and is looking at the doll in the front. The back of the dollhouse is open and you can see inside the house. Excellent detail and color for those who love miniature figurines and dollhouses (only 1/2 inch tall).

Details: Cast in Foundry Bronze. Hand-painted in oils. Limited Edition of 75 signed and numbered pieces. Height: 1/2", Issue price: $75.00.

Dollhouse Figurine 
Cat House  

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