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Art in Miniature - Zadar Bronze Miniatures
Brief Explanation of Zadar Bronze Miniatures

The miniature art form has existed for thousands of years. A trip to most art museums reveals examples dating back to early civilization. Most people find something fascinating, somewhat magical about a well done miniature work of art. Examples come in many forms, from paintings to three dimensional sculptures. Sculpture, particularly bronze cast sculpture is where Zadar Studios comes in.

Using the ancient Lost Wax Casting Process, delicate and fragile wax sculptures are cast into permanent bronze metal. The metal is then prepared and meticulously hand-painted to feature all the details. The combination of the two art forms, sculpting and painting unite to create a unique miniature work of art.

Zadar Studios. located in Strongsville Ohio, is a small hands-on studio. All elements of the creative process are performed in the studio to insure quality. Because of the technical advances, the work can only be made in small batches by sculptor Randall Zadar.

The work produced by the studio is generally under an inch in size. Most pieces are of original design and some are reproductions of full size antique pieces. Many reproductions are of pieces only found in museums or otherwise unattainable. Zadar Studios is proud to offer these reproductions of rare pieces to collectors.

The studio releases eight to ten new designs per year and produced a limited edition of 50 pieces each. Limited in production by the very nature of the process, many designs are permanently retired and highly sought after by collectors. A general rule to follow is, if you see a piece you like, buy it before it is gone.

Collectors of Zadar Miniatures are a growing family from the United States to a growing international following. The studio greatly appreciates the commitment and support it receives and always welcomes new collectors.

Zadar Studios produces an ever growing line of Miniature Collectible Figurines.

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